Want to grow your Government Sales but lack the expertise, time, and manpower?

Grow Your Government Sales On Autopilot

You realize selling to city, state, and federal government agencies can be a lucrative and life-changing gold mine for you and your business. But the more you explored this abundant opportunity, the more you realized how complicated it is to find and submit proposals--correctly.

There are so many requirements. If you overlook one (easy to do!) your bid gets disqualified and you've lost all of that time you invested in preparing the bid.

It's discouraging for you personally, and it discourages most businesses from pursuing government contracting.

What if we told you that this doesn't have to be your reality anymore?

What if we took all of that off your plate so that you can focus on running your business as it is, and we became your outsourced government contract bid department?


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Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring your own bid response team when you can have our expert technical writers do it exactly the way the government agencies require it--for a fraction of the cost to you.

We can be submitting bids for you in less than a month of hiring us.

Your Government Website

Government Procurement Officers look for a specific format when they investigate a bidder's online presence. You'll keep your existing website, but we'll build a separate one that meets their requirements. This is a critical place for us to drive Procurement Officers to when marketing and submitting your bids.

Your Capabilities Statement

Think of this as your "Government Resume".

And as you can imagine, it also has a very specific format that needs to be followed to prevent Procurement Officers from disqualifying your bid.

We build this for you.

RFP Sourcing

Where do you find the Request For Proposals (RFPs) so that you can bid on them?

Again, the government doesn't make it easy. These RFPs are scattered across 2200 databases and cover 440 agencies that want to buy.

We can help search for RFPs that need what you sell.

Comprehensive Proposal Submission

Our technical writers complete the entire proposal and submit it on your behalf.

It's like hiring your own bid writing DEPARTMENT for less than the cost of a SINGLE employee.

And we know how to win.

Over $250 Million in contract awards won already.

Outbound Marketing

That's right! We don't just RESPOND to RFPs by writing your bids for you. We also proactively send out quarterly marketing campaigns to government procurement officers to keep your name and capabilities in front of them.

This encourages them to reach out to us directly in case they are able to make a purchase that doesn't require a bid process.

Partner with Big Primes!

Although we'll set you up as a Prime Contractor, which means you can contract (sell) directly to a government agency, we'll also register your business with 4 major corporations that make sense for your industry. Sometimes major corporations like Lockheed Martin, Walmart, and others need to sub-contract some work for bids they have one. We make sure they look to you when they need a sub-contractor.

FEMA Outreach

FEMA, aka, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, provides disaster relief services. Two things are important here:

First, disasters strike unexpectedly, so FEMA contractors are in a class by themselves, willing to be able to bid and perform work, often on short notice. Second, when a disaster strikes, you would be surprised at how many support services of all kinds are needed. From the front lines to the administrative and logistical support services, there may be a need for your business's services or products.

Special IT Industry Help

We can also help your company get the newly-required CMMC License (Cybersecurity Maturing Model Certification) if you need it.

This is a new requirement by the government for its IT contractors.

This is one more requirement that you may not have known about that we can help you with.

About Brian Carmody, Founder

Brian has been working in government purchasing since the late 1990's. Most recently, we have won 100s of contracts worth over $250M. My team knows how to win. In addition to scouring 2200 government databases and 440 government agencies to find RFPs that need what you sell, our expert technical writers build comprehensive proposals and submit them on your behalf.

We are how you scale your government sales revenue channel. You can't scale this in-house because it's expensive, slow, and time-consuming. We take all of that off your plate, make sure all of your government-requirements are updated, and can submit many, many more bids per year than your company can by itself.

Prior to launching this service to grow your government sales on autopilot, Brian was an owner of a multimillion-dollar manufacturing company for 8 years, who freed the company from a 24-year plateau in less than 2 years.

He grew the company to nationwide sales, tripled revenue, lowered its break-even point by 70%, and was named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies 3 times. Through government contracting, his products became part of the “Furniture Standards Program” for the US Veterans Administration.

Now, he helps companies in a variety of industries do even better. Using his system, businesses who see the life-changing opportunity of winning multiple government contracts, but haven’t been able to make it happen due to lack of expertise, manpower, and time, can now add this new--lucrative--revenue stream to their business.

He has written several books. Investopedia.com has published 45 of his articles, and he has over 300 articles published by ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and former New York Times affiliates.


Which levels of government do you source and provide submittals for?

We can find Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and submit bids for City, State, and Federal government entities. If you want us to focus our sourcing on certain geographic regions and/or a short list og agencies, we can do that for you.

Can you help us with forecasting too?

Yes. We provide a Quarterly Forecasting Review. We'll look into future opportunities like expiring contracts, or contracts that are coming available in the next six months.

Can you help us get any non-bid opportunities with the government?

Yes. We'll look into your SBA profile and we'll search for non-bid opportunities. There are a few programs where the government is able to buy without issuing an RFP and collecting bids. We'll find those, and will market to those Procurement Officers on your behalf to get you considered for the contract.

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